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Scholarship Contest From Internet Marketing


We want to hear about your top marketing strategies in regards to “small business growth” via online marketing. This “Go Marketing” contest requires you to create a 2+ minute video presenting your marketing plan to market “small business growth” to college students. The winner receives a $500 university scholarship.

This is available for any college student studying at an accredited USA college/university for the 2015 – 2016 year.

We’re looking for creative and unique ideas for “small business growth” via online marketing. Video must be 2+ minutes in length.

Your marketing video will be judged on the level of effort and creativity that you used for “small business growth” via online marketing.

Create your video and make sure its 2+ minutes in length
Upload the video to YouTube and make sure you title it – InternetMarketingCompanies “Go Marketing” Scholarship Contest
Under the description area please link to
After you have uploaded your video send us an email to and include the YouTube link.
Please send us your name, address, number, school you will be attending and the area of study you have chosen.
The name of the school you are or will be attending, along with proof of acceptance/enrollment


Our deadline is December 1st, 2016. One winner is chosen and will be selected by December 5th. The winner has 3 weeks to claim the $500 scholarship prize.

Online Website Reviews And How To Use Them For Your Business!

Whether we like it or not we are always going to have positive and negative reviews posted about our business on the internet. Everyone has a different opinion and it’s hard to always have 100% positive reviews even if you try your very best as a website owner and business owner to treat your customers the very best you possibly can. There has been a lot of research that shows that reviews and testimonials have a huge impact on consumer decisions. It is very important that the majority of your reviews are positive. Positive reviews help to ensure that your future customers have a peace of mind in choosing your business. Customers look for businesses with experience and integrity. We will review how to have a large database full of honest and authentic, positive reviews about your business. Also, we will review how to minimize all the negative reviews posted on the internet about your business.

The first step is to make sure that you try to keep your customers 100% happy. If your customers expectations are always met or even better, if they are exceeded then naturaly your customers will be leaving your business very positive reviews and not negative reviews. If you have an unsatisfied customer you it is best to work with them directly and try turn their negative experience into a positive one. If the unsatisfied customer left you a negative review you can always contact to them personally and ask them to change their review to a positive one buy offering them an intensive. For example, maybe you could offer to refund their money or try to repair or change what they perceived was worthy of such a negative review.

Not all customers will leave a review even if they did have a positive experience with your company. This is why we recommend that you reach out to every customer you have and ask them to leave a review on websites like Google Plus, Facebook and Yelp which are the three main websites that are important to show positive feedback about your business. Make sure that on your website at the top header section there are links to  Google Plus,Facebook,  Yelp and maybe even Twitter and Instagram. Ask yourself this question, “Would I rather have way too many testimonials and reviews of my business or do would I only rather have a few positive reviews?”  It’s best to err on the too much positive feedback rather than too little positive feedback.

We also recommend that you gather your reviews over time slowly and steadily and not do large amounts of reviews all at once. If you have reviews posted all at once, this will not look natural to Google. For example, if you went from five reviews to 100 reviews in one month period of time and then after that slow down back to one or two new reviews per month.

Everyone is afraid of receiving a negative review, but it is inevitable. Negative reviews will be posted about your business even if you are trying your best to keep all of your customers happy. Therefore, it is important to know what can you do when negative reviews are posted about your business. First off, on a site like Google plus, in your Google maps listing you can always respond to the negative review and make sure you are doing all you can to remedy the negative response. It is always vital to try to make every customer’s experience a happy one and try to make them feel satisfied with your product or service.  A few ways to remedy the negative feedback posted about your business is by offering a refund, free service or a gift card.

Positive online reviews are very important for any business no matter what products or services you offer. Try your best to have authentic positive reviews and make sure that they are posted on the major sites like  Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp and if you can on Instagram and Twitter.

Digital Marketing Tips To Help Your Website Excel Online

You are probably aware that digital marketing is the latest and hottest trend to help increase your business. You can increase your business tremendously through online advertising compared to the outdated traditional forms such as newspapers and magazines. Your website is incredibly important for your business, it is crucial to display what your business is about and have a presence online. Here are some tips that you can implement into your digital marketing strategy to help your business thrive online.

First and foremost we recommend that you have a mobile responsive and mobile friendly website design. If you are located in Las Vegas please contact us for a free website quote. Why choose Las Vegas Web Design to create your website? 100% of our WordPress websites are mobile responsive and mobile friendly and can help your viewers have a positive online viewing experience. You need to make sure that your website will adapt to the different devices that are out on the web. If your website currently is not mobile responsive and needs to be. You have probably already learned this but in case you have not, please be aware that in order to rank in the search engines such as Google you need to have a mobile responsive website it is not optional. Even if you are spending thousands of dollars on marketing your website to the top of the search engines but your website is not mobile responsive, it may be extremely difficult to rank your website up to the top.

What comes next after having a mobile responsive web design? We recommend lots and lots of quality content. Many marketing companies say that content is king. Content is so important because it helps Google to know what your business is about and what you offer. It is also your customer’s first interaction with your business and in order for them to have a positive viewing experience there needs to be good quality, informative content about your business. Please make sure that all of your content is important and that it is written in by a qualified content writer who has good grammar and no spelling errors. Keep all content relevant, informative and up to date. You can implement a blog on your website and write weekly blog posts. In addition you can write extra content for multiple pages on your website. You can also make your existing pages on your website more in-depth by adding additional information for your customers to read. Remember, the largest search engine online is Google and Google loves content!

Social media marketing is another great way to spread news and updates about your business. There are a lot of you that might be thinking, you do not have time to post on the multiple social media sites because posting images/content is too time-consuming. If this is how you feel, let our company Las Vegas Web keep up with posting to the social media sites. We can easily manage all of the social media marketing for your business.

You probably read our previous article about email marketing, but in case you have not, let us go over it again in brief detail. Email marketing is a very common way to communicate and to stay visible to your customers. Now do not get us wrong, we are not talking about email spam by sending out thousands of emails to who knows who and to who knows where. We are talking about targeted email marketing that goes to a certain audience.

As far as your website goes we recommend having really good call to action spread throughout your website. In order to have a high converting website you need to have a call to action. A call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. For example, call now, contact us now or get your free quote. This call to action should be visible and stand out on your website. We can create a call to action throughout your website to increase the amount of contacts you receive daily.

The biggest steps you can take, according to the thought-out guidelines posted on for digital marketing, is to make sure that your website is optimized with off page optimization and on page optimization. Let’s start with on page optimization first as this is most critical. Your website mended titles such as the meta-tags on your website need to have your keywords and descriptions of your product or service in them. For example, our mended titles include Las Vegas Web Design, WordPress Web Development. This tells Google what your website is about. It iss critical that you have this set up for you in a professional manner because the mended title descriptions are one of the most important ranking factors. On top of the mended titles, we also recommend high-quality off page optimization which involves high-quality back link building from sites like forums blog posts press releases web 2.0 links etc. We have been working with search engine optimization for nearly a decade and have ranked many companies to the top positions on the most popular search engine, Google!

If you need any help with any of these digital marketing tips, contact Las Vegas web today!

Mobile Responsive Design

Why is it important that your website is mobile responsive?. The mobile industry grew nearly 70 to 75% in 2015! On top of this jump, last year there were over 1 billion yes I did say that correctly over 1 billion new mobile devices that were added to the network. If you are still considering if you need a mobile responsive website and if it really matters the question is now over. It is imperative that your website is mobile responsive and that it will adapt correctly to any viewing device.

There is a common misconception that we hear all the time which is, my type of business does not need to have a mobile responsive web design or a mobile responsive website. Please take our advice when we say that this is not true. Every business no matter what product or services you offer really does need a professional mobile responsive website. If your content and images can adapt to a phone in your pockets to a tablet and iPad or even a desktop computer which are in most homes nowadays when this is a very good sign. Google plays and puts a very important role on having mobile responsive website design because it helps users have a better experience while they are browsing online.

100% of our Las Vegas web design projects are mobile responsive and user-friendly. Our websites are easy to navigate and provide a clear message about your business. Contact us today to learn more about our website design and how we can help your business thrive online!

Why Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing, also known as content writing is a very important practice to implement into your website. There are many tips and tricks on how to make really great website content so let’s dive in and learn more. Years ago, it used to be okay to keyword stuff your website with your keywords that you are trying to rank for. The content could be unsubstantial, not relative and not of great importance but if you stuffed your website with keyword content a could help to boost your rankings. Those days are long gone, it is no longer that simple to rank a website to the top positions on Goode. It is crucial to have relevant content with good grammar and no spelling errors on your website.

Not only does the actual keyword stuffing no longer help with your Google rankings but it can also hurt your website presence online. There are different Google penalties that can come into play if you are doing black hat techniques. But on the other side, if you have quality website content that is relative to your business and content that engages the reader by helping them learn more about your business, this can actually boost your website rankings. If people find your blog post by typing in keywords and your content is all about that title it will engage the reader and want them to learn more.

Let’s go over a few different tips and tricks on how we can find the best content and write the best content for your website.

Step number one is to make sure that it is original and that you have not duplicated any content from any other website. It can certainly help to go to other high quality sites and to pull inspiration from them or to help you get ideas about what to talk about but DO NOT copy content, ever! Google can identify when content has been plagiarized and will penalize your website rankings because of the copied content. Make sure that your writing is 100% authentic.

In addition to making sure that your content is original we want to make sure that it is also very informative and that a lot of thought has been put into it. The most popular search engine Google, really does strive to have the websites with the highest quality content ranking at the top positions. It is not enough to just write out 1000 word article and copy and paste into your website. It is imperative to carefully write out content. If your writting skills are lacking. It may be best to hire an expert content writer  who has experience writing about the particular industry you are in.

We would strongly recommend that you write the content for your website yourself making sure it is grammatically correct and that is simply worded so your audience can understand the point you are trying to make. We recommend that you include your website targeted keywords into your content throughout your website. It is important that the keywords are put in naturally and are not keyword stuffed in any way.

How long should your content be? How often should you be writing new content for your website? Here is what we recommend. We recommend a weekly blog post of 1000 words or more. On top of this, we recommend monthly website updates with new fresh content of what you have been up to. For example, you could add new pictures and content about recent projects you have completed.

Taking the time to write quality website content is well worth the organic SEO rankings. If you are aiming for high Google rankings, remember to add content to your website on a regular basis! Fresh content on your website will not only increase your Google rankings, but it will also help your customers be informed about about your product and services and special promotions you may be offering.

Contact Las Vegas Web today to learn more about why content marketing matters!

Why Email Marketing Is Important For Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Why should you implement email marketing into your marketing budgets? There are many forms of advertising, such as social media marketing, paid advertising, email blasting, and SEO (search engine optimization) marketing. These main reason for advertising your business is to gain more potential clients or customers for your product or service.

Email newsletters can be an extremely efficient way and also a cost-effective way to increase the number of clients or customers you recieve. While we are fans of Internet marketing by increasing your website rankings we still encourage email marketing for a few different reasons. There have actually been some reports that have cited that the most use a most effective form of digital marketing was actually email blasting rather than just a generic message. These email messages were targeted to the right age and gender of people and were not just generic emails that were being sent out.

Las Vegas web has its own set of email marketing tools that we use for our Internet marketing techniques. To help you get a better idea of what we do let us explain. Some of our Internet marketing techniques involve contacting universities throughout the United States. We offer scholarship programs as one of our Internet marketing techniques. As we offer a scholarship for our clients we gain high quality website links from these universities that link back to the website. There are thousands of universities throughout the United States. How can you contact all of them efficiently? The answer is, by email marketing. We have our own set of email marketing products that actually send out 500 messages per hour on a 24 seven basis if we needed to. We can also track the efficiency of the campaign and see how many people open these emails and how many actually replied. If you are a real estate agent and have a list of newsletter subscribers you can also use email marketing to inform your subscribers of your most recent homes for sale, latest business updates etc.

It can be easy to measure the ROI of your email marketing techniques with our automated solutions that we offer from our Las Vegas web company. If you need any help with email marketing contact us today to learn more about all we can do to help increase your business!