Why Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing, also known as content writing is a very important practice to implement into your website. There are many tips and tricks on how to make really great website content so let’s dive in and learn more. Years ago, it used to be okay to keyword stuff your website with your keywords that you are trying to rank for. The content could be unsubstantial, not relative and not of great importance but if you stuffed your website with keyword content a could help to boost your rankings. Those days are long gone, it is no longer that simple to rank a website to the top positions on Goode. It is crucial to have relevant content with good grammar and no spelling errors on your website.

Not only does the actual keyword stuffing no longer help with your Google rankings but it can also hurt your website presence online. There are different Google penalties that can come into play if you are doing black hat techniques. But on the other side, if you have quality website content that is relative to your business and content that engages the reader by helping them learn more about your business, this can actually boost your website rankings. If people find your blog post by typing in keywords and your content is all about that title it will engage the reader and want them to learn more.

Let’s go over a few different tips and tricks on how we can find the best content and write the best content for your website.

Step number one is to make sure that it is original and that you have not duplicated any content from any other website. It can certainly help to go to other high quality sites and to pull inspiration from them or to help you get ideas about what to talk about but DO NOT copy content, ever! Google can identify when content has been plagiarized and will penalize your website rankings because of the copied content. Make sure that your writing is 100% authentic.

In addition to making sure that your content is original we want to make sure that it is also very informative and that a lot of thought has been put into it. The most popular search engine Google, really does strive to have the websites with the highest quality content ranking at the top positions. It is not enough to just write out 1000 word article and copy and paste into your website. It is imperative to carefully write out content. If your writting skills are lacking. It may be best to hire an expert content writer  who has experience writing about the particular industry you are in.

We would strongly recommend that you write the content for your website yourself making sure it is grammatically correct and that is simply worded so your audience can understand the point you are trying to make. We recommend that you include your website targeted keywords into your content throughout your website. It is important that the keywords are put in naturally and are not keyword stuffed in any way.

How long should your content be? How often should you be writing new content for your website? Here is what we recommend. We recommend a weekly blog post of 1000 words or more. On top of this, we recommend monthly website updates with new fresh content of what you have been up to. For example, you could add new pictures and content about recent projects you have completed.

Taking the time to write quality website content is well worth the organic SEO rankings. If you are aiming for high Google rankings, remember to add content to your website on a regular basis! Fresh content on your website will not only increase your Google rankings, but it will also help your customers be informed about about your product and services and special promotions you may be offering.

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