SEO Marketing Strategies For 2016

Whenever a new year comes along it’s human nature to have a large list of resolutions on how we intend to improve our lives. We want to improve our health make more money have better relationships and the list goes on. Why not add in new resolutions for your business? Websites are constantly changing the Google attic algorithm is constantly updating and they’re very important marketing strategies that you need to stay on top of so that your website can grow to the maximum amount possible. We want to look at some marketing strategy tips for this year of 2016 and hopefully you can implement some of these changes into your website and into your marketing strategies.

The number one step is to make sure that your content that is written on your website is up to date and is showing accurate relevant content for your business. There are many companies that come to us with outdated content that was true three or four years ago. Businesses change and so do strategies and how businesses run. It’s important that when a consumer visits your website they are getting accurate and relevant information. This applies to selling products off of an e-commerce website or having a simple services website for your local area.

In addition to making sure that your content is up to date we recommend using Google Webmaster tools to track how your website is performing. There are other search traffic tools that you can also use such as SEM which shows your search traffic where your visits are coming from how many page hits you have etc. etc. etc. If some of your pages or blog post on your website are receiving high amounts of traffic it’s important to make sure that there is a call to action on that page for your website. This comes back to our first tip which is making sure that your content is up to date. Now you do not have to have a blog for your business but it is highly recommended. Let’s go over why we recommend having a blog for your business.

Blogs are a fantastic way to show how your business is improving to inform your readers of any new updates, offering free advice for your clients etc. it’s also important for Google to see new updated fresh and unique content that is being posted on your website regularly. Years ago in about 2010 the saying came out the said content is king, the saying is still 100% true. A website that is full of content and the has a lot of unique blog posts and website pages tend to rank a lot higher in the search engines compared to a website that is outdated and barely functioning.

How many back links does your website currently have? It’s important that your local business gains new relevant niche back links on a monthly basis. A back link is when another website actually links to your website and in the link you can have your keyword anchor text embedded into the link. Branded as EEO links are also of high value and we highly recommend that you are receiving more and more back links on a monthly basis than you were the previous year. For nearly 10 years we have been developing word press websites and marketing them to the top of Google being in Yahoo. It’s important that your business shows up for the best search terms possible so that you can drive more traffic to your website.

No matter how professionally built your website is, mobile responsive user friendly etc. if your website is not pulling up on Google for your keywords than is not going to be a high revenue generating website for you. As we said previously for nearly 10 years we have marketed websites to the top of Google being in Yahoo for hundreds of low medium and high competition keywords.

We recommend that you hire a reliable SEO company like Las Vegas web the has years of experience and that has a proven track record.

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