Tips To Make Your Dental Practice Rank Higher In The Search Engines

  • 3 second or faster load time
  • Mobile responsive
  • Highly optimized with content
  • Weekly blog updates
  • Internal link structure with sitemap
  • High-quality niche back links

Many companies are focusing only on the website optimization and leaving out the most important part. The most important aspect of high Internet rankings is to make sure that you have high-quality back links going to your website. This is typically the service that your dentist SEO company will provide for you. With all of the Google updates that have come out recently it is not enough just to gain high-quality back links. It is now much more involved in that there are many more ranking signals that there used to be.

We recommend that you also update your website on a week to week basis with high-quality blog posts that are at least 500 words long. By having fresh, relevant content for your business that is published on your blog section of your website every week, it will dramatically help your website rankings.

Why We Recommend Weekly Blog Updates

We have done many website tests and have found that the websites that have fresh new content that is published at least 2 times per month rank a lot higher than the websites that have been stagnant. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not update their website and thus they never gain the high Google rankings that they are looking for. We recommend only going with an SEO marketing company that does both the on page and the off page optimization.

One of the services that we have recently added into our dental SEO services, is offering high-quality blog posts every single month. No longer will you have to worry about updating your website with fresh new content. All of our marketing packages now include a 1000 word niche article that will be published on your website every single week. By offering this service we are now helping our clients with 4000 new words published on their website every single month. This is exactly what Google is looking for and this is why we have added this into our dental marketing package.

Why You Should Work With

We not only focus on the off page optimization back link building services but also the on page optimization. With all of our SEO services, you are getting a 100% service that will truly dominate the search engine rankings. We understand how SEO works, we are here to help your local dental business succeed online.