Why Dental Website Hosting Is Mandatory

You might be wondering why you even need website hosting in the first place. Let us explain why website hosting is mandatory. The website hosting provider will host your actual website on a server. In order to make your website show up online you have to host it somewhere. On top of this, you also need a domain name hosting company. By having these 2 services your website will be able to be searched online.

Why WordPress Websites Need Hosting And Security

WordPress websites unfortunately are hacked into more than any other content management system. There are several reasons why. One of the main reasons why is because WordPress hosts over 25% of all websites online. With the millions and millions of websites that are hosted on a year-to-year basis, it’s only a matter of time before some of these websites get hacked into. WordPress has been known to get hacked into for various reasons. Here are a few tips you can implement to make sure that your website does not get hacked into.

The Following Suggestions Are Extremely Helpful

  • Update your WordPress site monthly
  • Update 100% of your plug-ins monthly
  • We also recommend deleting any of the outdated themes you have on your website

Those 3 previous tips will really help your website not get hacked into. WordPress specific sites can get vulnerable when the WordPress core, plug-ins and old themes have not been updated for months. This is another reason why we recommend the managed hosting services that are designed specifically for our dental SEO clients.

As you probably are aware all of the website design projects we work with are WordPress specific websites. Our local company has many solutions for dentists needing SEO services, whether it’s in regards to hosting, SEO or website development services.

Here Are A Few Common Misconceptions With Website Hosting 

  • No one is going to hack my website
  • My website design company says WordPress sites are always safe
  • I already have computer security installed
  • My Apple Computer is safer than the other computers
  • My website is already backed up

Those are some common myths that we frequently hear. Just because you have computer security does not mean that you have website security. These are 2 completely different things, so don’t get tricked into buying a certain brand of computer thinking that it will also protect your website. We also hear from time to time that my website has never been hacked into so it never will.

We hope that you are now aware of the extreme importance it is to make sure that your website is completely secure. If you are serious about marketing your website to the top of Google and have spent thousands of dollars on a beautifully designed website, you need to also make sure that your website is always secure. We offer monthly website security solutions that will keep 100% of your website secure and hacker safe.