Why SEO Has Its Uncertainties

With Google coming out with new updates on a month-to-month basis it can be hard to stay up to date with all of their Google algorithms. There are many dental marketing companies that do not stay up to date with any of their algorithms and do old outdated SEO work. On top of this, there are many dishonest companies that do not offer high quality services.

  • We recommend the following tips when choosing a search engine optimisation agency:
  • Choose local company
  • Choose a company that shows the work they do on a month-to-month basis
  • Only work with a month-to-month contract
  • Talk to some of their clients and ask the client themselves how they feel

By following a few of those simple steps you will save yourself a whole lot of hassle. As we said before there are many marketing companies that just want your money and they do not offer quality marketing services. We see it far too often, many marketing companies will optimize their own website but they do terrible SEO work for their clients.

Make Sure Your Company Is Transparent

It’s incredibly important that your SEO marketing company shares the work with you on a month-to-month basis. If your marketing company is just taking your money and you are not seeing any improvements in your rankings it’s time to move on. We highly recommend working with a local company that has many top-ranked clients

Why SEO Is Tricky

In many of the industries we see, it is basically SEO company verse SEO company competing for the top positions. This does not just go for their own company website, but for their client websites. Let’s say you have a Chicago dental office, chances are out of the top 10 ranked websites on Google 50% of them have hired a local marketing company. So what determines who has the highest rank? It comes down to the company with the most experience and that is the most honest.