There has always been a certain need in all of us to be different than the rest of the world. Even though it was proven that all of us are different down to the cellular level, there is something wriggling behind our heads that we need to be special and it is not a bad thing. We want to feel treasured, to feel secured and to be treated like a king or queen even for just some time in our life. We feel like we deserve it, especially if we worked hard for it. Not to the extent of stepping down on other people, but to just have that sense of being unique to everyone else. These types of experience can motivate us to do better and to even act better. This is why most companies invest in customer service to deal with the clients. However, there is usually something a little odd when we talk about customer service in many industries.


Customer service has always been the backbone of many industries in the field of business. There has always been a misconception that customer service is only about being polite to customers and catering to their needs. Being in the field requires more than just answering the customers’ demands and trying to appease them. It involves a lot of dealing with the customers head on, understanding their feelings and circumstances, having a little empathy and learning to listen to them. It can be a complicated process since no two customers are alike and everyone has their own nuances and unique needs. Also, do remember that you cannot please every single customer. Even if you perfect the product or service, there will always be people who will complain.


As the world entered the technological age, people’s perception of customer service remained mostly unchanged. There are still companies who believe that their service begins and ends with whatever product or service they have been offering. Any included extra service is deemed to be costly and detrimental for the employee, and there are even some superiors who discourage such belief. However, as more customers realizes that they deserve better from the companies and organizations who take their money, so is the customer service process evolved. It did not revolve around the actual product or service anymore; it also involves everything that is done before, during and after the product or service has been given or delivered. This ‘’extra’’ service is proven to be very effective as most companies who offer more than their own product or service has an incredible run in their own businesses.


When technology reached the customer service sector, there is a strange upheaval in practices. There are certain jobs that are being replaced because of the introduction of artificial intelligence. When chatbots came into play, there is no need for actual human beings to personally reply to questions. There will only be programs who would answer the questions through automated responses. This has limited its ‘’humanity’’ and personality. Many companies have saved a lot of money through this technique but it could also backfire. Due to its viewed impersonal nature, many people get angry when they receive these automatic responses. Why do you think a meme exists about customer service personnel telling people to turn on and off their devices if it’s not functioning well? This is because due to its rather robotic and conditioned response, people thought they were actually talking to a robot or even worse, a person reading through a script. Although these customer service personnel do follow a certain flow for any kind of transaction and engagement, it is still important to make it as personal as possible because customers view this as a type of special treatment. This leads them to think that these companies actually value their customers enough to let them talk to their actual employees if they have any problems regarding their product or service.


This is why there is also an upheaval in the world of search engine optimization. It is not only a game anymore of who has the most links or who has the most relevant topics. People return to websites because of the experiences these websites have given them, not just because of the product or the service itself. The game plan today includes now the customers’ perception of the company itself, the employees and how the website has ‘’treated’’ them. How can this be possible?


As practitioners of search engine optimization, you must know what your customers’ wants and needs, and possibly their demographic themselves. There is a reason why you do not use an advance marketing strategy like search engine optimization in a place wherein the internet is not even deemed important. The knowledge of what your audience wants can help you in deciding on how you should present your website so that it will increase the viewer’s likelihood to go back to your site or even subscribe to you. The look and feel of your site also increases the factor of them going back; a sloppily made website with great content can be defeated by a efficiently designed website with relevant content. People want a good experience these days, not just a good product or service. It is therefore important to improve upon these experiences. Click here to learn more about customer experience.


Knowing the customers is already an old system of belief, but it really works in this business landscape. As people get to know and familiarize themselves with their rights as a customer, it is also important to educate yourself on how to deal with these situations. Ity can be a little bit hard to get to know them in the internet, but this is where surveys come in. think of them as handy tools that can help you determine what you are doing right or poorly. Social media sites also contribute to the feedback you may receive. It is also important to act on the valid criticisms of customers and listen to even the most absurd ones. As people in the marketing business,  it  is important to play the internet customer service game for the long run, Relate to your audiences well and the profit will just return to you. To read more about the relationship between customer service and social media, visit this link:

We humans have the tendency to be innovative. Our curiosity gets the best of us and tries something new. Each and every discovery made by mankind was a “eureka” moment, sometimes even a serendipitous moment. Some of which are not even planned, or the use diverged as time went by. We are also built for adaptability, and we use this for our survival. Imagine if we stayed in the Stone Age just because we did not have the drive to live a different life? As the world changes, so do we adapt to it. It is the only way for the human race to continue existing, and as we develop and discover more ideas and things the knowledge that we have grows. It is therefore an imperative for us to store it and keep like records. As this is a lot of knowledge, how can we share it to everyone? Before it was all about the word of mouth and printed material. They are still effective today but it it is rather hard to share information in this age of globalization. Thankfully, the internet has made that easy for us.


The internet is akin to a large library full of information, its websites are the books and the pages are the webpages. Each of these websites is commonly accessed through search engines which gives the best option possible through algorithms. These pieces of pages are vital for the existence of the internet as this is the most visual part of it. People use these websites and access the pages everyday for a variety of reasons. Commonly, people just want to find information. Others want to go to specific website. However, one of the main uses of it now is to use it to buy or sell products and services across the virtual plane. It is such a common feature that even Facebook, one of the biggest social media sites, have an option for a Marketplace where people can do trade. Even others take advantage of the pictures in Instagram for selling their products. On the other hand, there are many who opt for creating a website themselves.


It is such a disheartening view when companies or organizations that have great products and services have poor websites. It is still true that most sales still comes from going to a physical store to buy products, but as we can see with the trends more people opt to use the internet to buy things. It is such a convenient option for many of them. Imagine you do not need to get out of your house to buy anything anymore, just a few clicks and a few waiting days and there it is right in front of your door. It saves your time, effort and even money.


Sometimes, these websites are also the only way people can check your company. Most of of the information that they need can come from the site itself. It is the usual practice now to search for the establishment across the net and look for the website or even at reviews. This can help the person decide if they even want to visit your company or find another. A large business with no website is a sign of a company that is behind the times, and this is not a good image. There are still companies which thrive without any kind of publicity across the net but the way the trend is going now, it could affect their company in the long run. People need to know what other people know about you, if they cannot find anything in the net then it would lead them to be suspicious. So if you are one of those companies, these are a few reasons why you need to have a website:



  1. Accessibility and Convenience


In this world where the internet can be accessed by almost everybody with a device, it can be a bit strange for a company to not have a website. As stated before, when people want information the search engine is their best friend. Even if some of this information needs to be verified first, people still cling to it like their own holy text. All it takes to find out about something is to click and type a few words and thousands of links take place. However, only a few of them is good enough and they are usually in the first page. To be on that page, many companies now use search engine optimization wherein they try to increase the traffic by making the website more relevant to the search words of the users. The more relevant the website and its contents, the better chance it will get for it to be on the first page. However, the rules and the trends are changing as you even read it so if you are into search engine optimization better keep your eyes open as anything is susceptible to change. Learn more about the power of reviews by clicking here.


  1. Cost Efficiency


Having a website is far more cost efficient than having an actual store. There are exceptions like offering service which needs the customer themselves for them to avail of it, but generally products can be sold these days through the net. Maintaining a website is more affordable than building an actual store. Additionally, it would take more time and effort for the organization or company which translates to spending. There are also issues of location, security, sanitation, electricity and others. Websites generally need a good internet connection, a device (preferably a computer), and a human or AI to maintain it. Interested in marketing AI? Learn more about it by visiting this site:


  1. Easier Marketing


As everyone is on the net these days, doing marketing campaigns is easier. Social media sites are very helpful for this, since many are constantly logged in. This can translate to more chances of other people seeing your website or advertisement if it was posted. A website can also tackle everything about your company or organization without even telling the customer to visit your site. You can answer their questions directly on real time and it can provide you proper feedback (if there is any).

There are many of us here who are guilty of this: turning to Google or any search engine for asking the simplest questions. Some even use it as a calculator; for others, a money exchange rate provider. It can be a translator, a book hunter, a celebrity stalking device or even just simply looking for quality recipes for that dinner you planned but forgot. Search engines are amazing in a way that it provides you with best options possible. Just type in the words and the answers will come right away or depending on your internet speed.


However, as time went on and technology advanced, people realized that words are not enough. There are certain bits of information we need, but we cannot search them because we do not know what how to term them. It can also be a situation that you have never seen before. It can also be that song that you are looking for in ages but the lyrics are unclear. This is so frustrating to experience, and people who have disabilities also cannot just easily type in the words that they want to search. Something needs to be developed. And when humans have a need, we find a way to satisfy it. Throughout the ages, it has been one of humankind’s greatest projects to make life easier and better for themselves. Simple machines were developed so that it would minimize human exertion and effort. Philosophy and science were developed to understand ourselves and the environment that keeps bothering and perplexing us. Such is our nature and we always seek to find answers.


In search engine optimization, practitioners were usually dependent on the keywords alone to see whether the algorithms will let them pick up the website as reliable and be put on the first page of the search results. However, due to the development of these new searching tools, relying on keywords alone might not be enough anymore. Here some of the ways the people of today are searching for information:


  1. Image


This is not exactly a new feature but due to the resurgence of mobile phones with exceptional cameras, this has been a new trend. Ever experienced seeing something but you do not know the word for it? Take a picture, load it on the search engine and see the results. They may surprise you!


Actually called reverse image search, this simplifies the task of trying to find the exact name of something without using a lot of words. For example, instead of searching “tree with red flowers” which can generate a lot of other trees with red flowers, none of which you even want to know, you just have to take a picture. The search engine will search the internet for a match to that image and it will usually give you exactly what you need. However, this can be affected by the quality of the image as it can lead to different things. However, this feature is very helpful to those who have phones with cameras and they are looking for information. It is also good for looking for other images like the one you are using and identifying public personas like celebrities and politicians. Learn more about image search on Google here.


  1. Voice


One of the newer devices that was introduced in the past year are the introduction of virtual assistants. They are programmed with artificial intelligence which gives them human-like qualities like being able to respond to certain questions. Artificial intelligence were already used as early as late 2000’s with the prevalence of chatbots, which respond to questions the user types and sends to it. It uses keywords to try and answer any question the user asks provided that the programmer has given it an answer to the question. This is one of its limitations: there are questions that are still related to its function but it cannot answer. Now with the AI assistants, they can really act like closer to an actual human being just without the actual form. Notable examples of these are Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Voice Search. One of their most interesting feature is they can detect many languages. You, as the user, can even change their voices and their twang. Like for example if you want your Siri to sound like an Australian man or British woman, you can do it. To learn more about artificial intelligence, refer to this page:


One of their basic functions though is for voice search.  Using the voice of the user, it picks up the words and transcribes it to its program. Then it will run a search like just using a keyboard. It promotes handless manipulation of devices, and helps in navigation in moments when physically using the device is difficult i.e. while driving and the like. In cases of emergency, this feature can also be used to respond and make calls without even trying to find your phone as long as it is connected to the internet.


  1. Video


Last but not least is a rather peculiar addition to the search engine group. This is specially used for searching video content and is programmed to find videos in the internet because of the sheer amount of videos across the web. Without this, it can be difficult to find a specific video in a multitude of other videos which are just relevant to what you are looking for. It also uses the same features as the voice search but needs added details like topics and date of making of the said video.


According to the old adage, the only constant thing in this world is change. As marketers, we should always be alert of new trends happening in our field and those related as well. It is important to be in the know so that you and your company will no they left behind. As these new ways of people to search and surf online have been developed, you should also develop a way for you to adapt to these changes. Maybe try to add more meaningful images or audio tracks to your website which could potentially help increase the traffic. Learn to be proactive, as this field can be hard to catch up as it continues to grow by the day.

They say that the only constant thing in the world is change. According to Charles Darwin, we have evolved from simple organisms because of the concept of the survival of the fittest. As the environment changes all around us, we should adapt to these changes as well. Based on the fossils and archaeological information found and researched, many of our ancestors did not even have some of the advantages other animals have like thick fur and sharp claws. However, their minds (and opposable thumbs) became one of the defining ways a human differentiates from an animal. Its rationality, logic and creativity became weapons that stood out the test of time making humans the apex predator. There are still people questioning the legitimacy of Darwin’s ideas on evolution, but it is one of the more defining ideas of its time. The idea that humans evolve to become better is something that many philosophers, psychologists and even scientists still ponder. How far can humankind go in terms of its evolution? Are we already at its peak? Or are we still just at the tip of the vast changes that we will encounter for the rest of history?


Just like humanity, the computer and the internet started very simple. From equipment that only the Army can handle to the handheld devices we have now, it is a long and arduous process. There was also the dial-up internet which makes a lot of noise as it connects to advanced connections like the 4G and 5G. What was once a luxury became a commodity to now arguably a need by humans. Without the internet and devices, many cities in the world would just cease to function. Businesses would be affected, countries would go down and we would be plunged back to the Dark Ages. The internet became the sole body of language people depended on for communication and transactions. It is even unheard of to not have an internet connection anymore, at least in developed and developing countries. With the internet as essential as it is, there is no way to escape it.


With the devices used to connect to the internet, it all started with the computer or personal computer. These big and bulky machines were all the rage during the late 90’s. People were still skeptical back then with these devices along with the newly introduced cellular phone. Along with its high cost, most people deemed it not important to them yet. Then Apple and Microsoft paved the way for accessible devices for many people. Along with faster internet connections, people discovered the convenience of having cellular phones and computers. However, since most of these devices are too heavy or too big to be considered handheld, a need for smaller and pocket-friendly devices came in. These were the laptops, smaller cellular phones, and the tablets. It became like a fashion trend, wherein almost anyone can afford them and it became a part of the everyday life. Learn more about the history of mobile phones here.


This normalization of devices coincides with the development of the wireless internet. Back then, only computers can connect to the internet with wires leading to it. Due to this, the trend changed again. Phones that can handle internet connection along with touch screen technology, the bigger laptops were foregone. Mobile phones with computer like functions became the new fad. However, this died down as laptops and tablets became a trend again. In recent years, mobile phones went back into the market and still continue to be produced to this day. Faster internet connections are introduced and new models of phones come out every year that it almost becomes like an international event. People flock at phone stores trying to acquire the new model and it stays until the next one comes in.


With this, marketing strategies and advertising options also change with the times. Gone are the days of fliers that people just throw away and billboards that come become life-threatening hazards. Radio advertisement only has a very niche audience. Television ads are very expensive for a limited amount of time. As people transition from these media outlets to the internet, businesses and organizations also formulate a way to reach their customers using this medium. Websites get formed every single day, and domains keep getting acquired by the minute. However, having a good website does not necessarily mean more views and more sales. Search engine optimization is one of the ways you can increase traffic to your website. This is a technique with which you align the algorithms of the search engine so that it will favor your website and it would appear on the first page once you search for the keywords.


However, as mobile phones are also the most accessible way of people using the internet, businesses should also be wise about designing the website. It should be mobile friendly or has an alternate version for mobile users only. This ensures that people can access your website through any device and will not be frustrated if it does not work on their device. Preferably, mobile-friendly websites are very simplistic and is direct to the point. Ads are places in areas which can be seen but still does not affect the overall ambience of the website. Contents should also be organized as clutter filled websites could potentially turn off your website visitors.


As marketers and users of search engine optimization, we must be able to keep track of what is the trend. In this day and age, nothing is constant. We must adapt to the situation so that it will benefit the company or organization in the long run. Using SEO is not just about using the right keywords to illicit a response, it is about using certain techniques at the right time. Social media and the news are your friends; these can help you see potential trends with your consumers. Surveys can legitimize these trends and can also help you in seeing the feedback to your organization. Sure, change is inevitable but with the right preparation, anything is possible. Learn more about the connection between SEO and social media here:

Humans have always been curious creatures. We always have this drive to know things, to capture ideas and to create new things. Our curiosity mostly guides us to know more about our own environment. It has been one of the greatest tools for the survival of mankind, like knowing the techniques of foraging, hunting and farming. As we advanced as a society, our curiosity led us to new areas. Science developed because of our desire to know more about the natural environment. Philosophy became a way to understand ourselves and the people around us. Curiosity was once just an instinct for survival apparently became a tool for development and insight. Without this drive, we would have never advanced as species. Most disciplines of today would have not even developed if we never have this innate trait. Although it also led humanity astray sometimes, this energy within us may have yet to reach its limit.


It is this curiosity which drives our innate need to know more about the people around us. It has led to the development of many disciplines like psychology and marketing. Speaking of those two disciplines, combining these two created one of the more influential disciplines in the business: consumer psychology. This is the study of knowing who your customers or clients are, what they want, and why they are consuming one product or another. This also includes knowing the trends and climate of the market and what would be the most effective way of reaching the clients using the best way possible using advertisements.


Advertisement is one of the backbones of marketing as it is one of the major ways of conveying to the population what you are, your product and your company is all about. Classically, advertisement was thought of as fliers, signages or even walking around the street talking about what you are selling. However, as we advanced in technology, it slowly transitioned to radio marketing using the announcers and radio programs as a way to advertise a product or service. This was copied by televisions when it became the new “in”, just this time it uses visuals rather than voice. It was also said that the higher rated the show where the advertisement will be shown, the higher the cost will be. It was also said that even a 30-second video could cost up to a million dollars, and the frequency also affects its cost. Knowing this, businesses need to maximize their costs by knowing who they are showing these for. This is where surveys come in.


Surveys have always been a part of the advancement of the society. Although all of us acknowledge that we are all different, us marketers cannot actually advertise just for one person. We need to know the opinion of the general public. This broadens the idea and makes it easier to market the product or service that we have. The wider the audience reach, the better chances of the product reaching the general public and thus more chances of having actual sales. However, there is one flaw with this: reaching more audiences does not exactly translate to more sales. This has led to many companies into thinking how to reach the right audience. Click here to learn more about survey.


It is a great moment for marketers when search engine optimization came to play. As technology advanced even more, many people also now have access to the internet. There has also been a steady decline in the viewership of television for the last few years and companies are already starting to notice it. As most of these companies have websites, they ae now looking into search engine optimization. Now what is this? It is a technique wherein you are trying to put your website on the first page of the search engine if you are looking for it. As it usually uses keywords, the more relevant the page is the better chances of many people accessing your website. As these people have the intent of actually looking for the similar things you offer, this can have a lot more effect than just targeting the general population. It can actually reach the people you want your product to actually rich: people willing to spend their hard-earned money to actually buy your product or service.


Now, search engine optimization still needs data for it to work. Surveys can help you gathering this data by knowing your target audience. Statistics has always been a great friend in marketing and advertising. In fact, there are researchers saying that having a statistic in your article helps people understand your product, company or service altogether. Statistics also provide a background for everything that you want to offer. It is also quite cheaper: there are many people willing to answer surveys even for free and many of them understand the power of research. Surveys can also easily create the image that your customer has and what people like him/her will act if they are in your premises. Surveys are usually pen and paper type of questionnaire. However, this took a lot of time and many institutions now use electronic survey forms like Google Forms and SurveyMonkey to analyze the data for you. You can use this data to back up your search engine. This data, no matter how small, can help you in determining what your company, product, or service will appeal to most people. Know more about Google forms here:


Marketing and psychology alone can be surprisingly complicated to use in our day to day life. However, combining these two creates something that would totally help your website. Surveys give you the data and search engine optimization helps in matching the correct data to the right person. This is turn would help the visibility of your company or website and more and more people would see it on the first part of the searches. Surveys might be considered as old-fashioned, but it is a tried and true way of learning about your consumers. It helps in making decisions for the company and the consumers as well while focusing on the viewers who matter the most to the company.