There has always been a certain need in all of us to be different than the rest of the world. Even though it was proven that all of us are different down to the cellular level, there is something wriggling behind our heads that we need to be special and it is not a bad thing. We want to feel treasured, to feel secured and to be treated like a king or queen even for just some time in our life. We feel like we deserve it, especially if we worked hard for it. Not to the extent of stepping down on other people, but to just have that sense of being unique to everyone else. These types of experience can motivate us to do better and to even act better. This is why most companies invest in customer service to deal with the clients. However, there is usually something a little odd when we talk about customer service in many industries.


Customer service has always been the backbone of many industries in the field of business. There has always been a misconception that customer service is only about being polite to customers and catering to their needs. Being in the field requires more than just answering the customers’ demands and trying to appease them. It involves a lot of dealing with the customers head on, understanding their feelings and circumstances, having a little empathy and learning to listen to them. It can be a complicated process since no two customers are alike and everyone has their own nuances and unique needs. Also, do remember that you cannot please every single customer. Even if you perfect the product or service, there will always be people who will complain.


As the world entered the technological age, people’s perception of customer service remained mostly unchanged. There are still companies who believe that their service begins and ends with whatever product or service they have been offering. Any included extra service is deemed to be costly and detrimental for the employee, and there are even some superiors who discourage such belief. However, as more customers realizes that they deserve better from the companies and organizations who take their money, so is the customer service process evolved. It did not revolve around the actual product or service anymore; it also involves everything that is done before, during and after the product or service has been given or delivered. This ‘’extra’’ service is proven to be very effective as most companies who offer more than their own product or service has an incredible run in their own businesses.


When technology reached the customer service sector, there is a strange upheaval in practices. There are certain jobs that are being replaced because of the introduction of artificial intelligence. When chatbots came into play, there is no need for actual human beings to personally reply to questions. There will only be programs who would answer the questions through automated responses. This has limited its ‘’humanity’’ and personality. Many companies have saved a lot of money through this technique but it could also backfire. Due to its viewed impersonal nature, many people get angry when they receive these automatic responses. Why do you think a meme exists about customer service personnel telling people to turn on and off their devices if it’s not functioning well? This is because due to its rather robotic and conditioned response, people thought they were actually talking to a robot or even worse, a person reading through a script. Although these customer service personnel do follow a certain flow for any kind of transaction and engagement, it is still important to make it as personal as possible because customers view this as a type of special treatment. This leads them to think that these companies actually value their customers enough to let them talk to their actual employees if they have any problems regarding their product or service.


This is why there is also an upheaval in the world of search engine optimization. It is not only a game anymore of who has the most links or who has the most relevant topics. People return to websites because of the experiences these websites have given them, not just because of the product or the service itself. The game plan today includes now the customers’ perception of the company itself, the employees and how the website has ‘’treated’’ them. How can this be possible?


As practitioners of search engine optimization, you must know what your customers’ wants and needs, and possibly their demographic themselves. There is a reason why you do not use an advance marketing strategy like search engine optimization in a place wherein the internet is not even deemed important. The knowledge of what your audience wants can help you in deciding on how you should present your website so that it will increase the viewer’s likelihood to go back to your site or even subscribe to you. The look and feel of your site also increases the factor of them going back; a sloppily made website with great content can be defeated by a efficiently designed website with relevant content. People want a good experience these days, not just a good product or service. It is therefore important to improve upon these experiences. Click here to learn more about customer experience.


Knowing the customers is already an old system of belief, but it really works in this business landscape. As people get to know and familiarize themselves with their rights as a customer, it is also important to educate yourself on how to deal with these situations. Ity can be a little bit hard to get to know them in the internet, but this is where surveys come in. think of them as handy tools that can help you determine what you are doing right or poorly. Social media sites also contribute to the feedback you may receive. It is also important to act on the valid criticisms of customers and listen to even the most absurd ones. As people in the marketing business,  it  is important to play the internet customer service game for the long run, Relate to your audiences well and the profit will just return to you. To read more about the relationship between customer service and social media, visit this link: