Humans have always been curious creatures. We always have this drive to know things, to capture ideas and to create new things. Our curiosity mostly guides us to know more about our own environment. It has been one of the greatest tools for the survival of mankind, like knowing the techniques of foraging, hunting and farming. As we advanced as a society, our curiosity led us to new areas. Science developed because of our desire to know more about the natural environment. Philosophy became a way to understand ourselves and the people around us. Curiosity was once just an instinct for survival apparently became a tool for development and insight. Without this drive, we would have never advanced as species. Most disciplines of today would have not even developed if we never have this innate trait. Although it also led humanity astray sometimes, this energy within us may have yet to reach its limit.


It is this curiosity which drives our innate need to know more about the people around us. It has led to the development of many disciplines like psychology and marketing. Speaking of those two disciplines, combining these two created one of the more influential disciplines in the business: consumer psychology. This is the study of knowing who your customers or clients are, what they want, and why they are consuming one product or another. This also includes knowing the trends and climate of the market and what would be the most effective way of reaching the clients using the best way possible using advertisements.


Advertisement is one of the backbones of marketing as it is one of the major ways of conveying to the population what you are, your product and your company is all about. Classically, advertisement was thought of as fliers, signages or even walking around the street talking about what you are selling. However, as we advanced in technology, it slowly transitioned to radio marketing using the announcers and radio programs as a way to advertise a product or service. This was copied by televisions when it became the new “in”, just this time it uses visuals rather than voice. It was also said that the higher rated the show where the advertisement will be shown, the higher the cost will be. It was also said that even a 30-second video could cost up to a million dollars, and the frequency also affects its cost. Knowing this, businesses need to maximize their costs by knowing who they are showing these for. This is where surveys come in.


Surveys have always been a part of the advancement of the society. Although all of us acknowledge that we are all different, us marketers cannot actually advertise just for one person. We need to know the opinion of the general public. This broadens the idea and makes it easier to market the product or service that we have. The wider the audience reach, the better chances of the product reaching the general public and thus more chances of having actual sales. However, there is one flaw with this: reaching more audiences does not exactly translate to more sales. This has led to many companies into thinking how to reach the right audience. Click here to learn more about survey.


It is a great moment for marketers when search engine optimization came to play. As technology advanced even more, many people also now have access to the internet. There has also been a steady decline in the viewership of television for the last few years and companies are already starting to notice it. As most of these companies have websites, they ae now looking into search engine optimization. Now what is this? It is a technique wherein you are trying to put your website on the first page of the search engine if you are looking for it. As it usually uses keywords, the more relevant the page is the better chances of many people accessing your website. As these people have the intent of actually looking for the similar things you offer, this can have a lot more effect than just targeting the general population. It can actually reach the people you want your product to actually rich: people willing to spend their hard-earned money to actually buy your product or service.


Now, search engine optimization still needs data for it to work. Surveys can help you gathering this data by knowing your target audience. Statistics has always been a great friend in marketing and advertising. In fact, there are researchers saying that having a statistic in your article helps people understand your product, company or service altogether. Statistics also provide a background for everything that you want to offer. It is also quite cheaper: there are many people willing to answer surveys even for free and many of them understand the power of research. Surveys can also easily create the image that your customer has and what people like him/her will act if they are in your premises. Surveys are usually pen and paper type of questionnaire. However, this took a lot of time and many institutions now use electronic survey forms like Google Forms and SurveyMonkey to analyze the data for you. You can use this data to back up your search engine. This data, no matter how small, can help you in determining what your company, product, or service will appeal to most people. Know more about Google forms here:


Marketing and psychology alone can be surprisingly complicated to use in our day to day life. However, combining these two creates something that would totally help your website. Surveys give you the data and search engine optimization helps in matching the correct data to the right person. This is turn would help the visibility of your company or website and more and more people would see it on the first part of the searches. Surveys might be considered as old-fashioned, but it is a tried and true way of learning about your consumers. It helps in making decisions for the company and the consumers as well while focusing on the viewers who matter the most to the company.