We humans have the tendency to be innovative. Our curiosity gets the best of us and tries something new. Each and every discovery made by mankind was a “eureka” moment, sometimes even a serendipitous moment. Some of which are not even planned, or the use diverged as time went by. We are also built for adaptability, and we use this for our survival. Imagine if we stayed in the Stone Age just because we did not have the drive to live a different life? As the world changes, so do we adapt to it. It is the only way for the human race to continue existing, and as we develop and discover more ideas and things the knowledge that we have grows. It is therefore an imperative for us to store it and keep like records. As this is a lot of knowledge, how can we share it to everyone? Before it was all about the word of mouth and printed material. They are still effective today but it it is rather hard to share information in this age of globalization. Thankfully, the internet has made that easy for us.


The internet is akin to a large library full of information, its websites are the books and the pages are the webpages. Each of these websites is commonly accessed through search engines which gives the best option possible through algorithms. These pieces of pages are vital for the existence of the internet as this is the most visual part of it. People use these websites and access the pages everyday for a variety of reasons. Commonly, people just want to find information. Others want to go to specific website. However, one of the main uses of it now is to use it to buy or sell products and services across the virtual plane. It is such a common feature that even Facebook, one of the biggest social media sites, have an option for a Marketplace where people can do trade. Even others take advantage of the pictures in Instagram for selling their products. On the other hand, there are many who opt for creating a website themselves.


It is such a disheartening view when companies or organizations that have great products and services have poor websites. It is still true that most sales still comes from going to a physical store to buy products, but as we can see with the trends more people opt to use the internet to buy things. It is such a convenient option for many of them. Imagine you do not need to get out of your house to buy anything anymore, just a few clicks and a few waiting days and there it is right in front of your door. It saves your time, effort and even money.


Sometimes, these websites are also the only way people can check your company. Most of of the information that they need can come from the site itself. It is the usual practice now to search for the establishment across the net and look for the website or even at reviews. This can help the person decide if they even want to visit your company or find another. A large business with no website is a sign of a company that is behind the times, and this is not a good image. There are still companies which thrive without any kind of publicity across the net but the way the trend is going now, it could affect their company in the long run. People need to know what other people know about you, if they cannot find anything in the net then it would lead them to be suspicious. So if you are one of those companies, these are a few reasons why you need to have a website:



  1. Accessibility and Convenience


In this world where the internet can be accessed by almost everybody with a device, it can be a bit strange for a company to not have a website. As stated before, when people want information the search engine is their best friend. Even if some of this information needs to be verified first, people still cling to it like their own holy text. All it takes to find out about something is to click and type a few words and thousands of links take place. However, only a few of them is good enough and they are usually in the first page. To be on that page, many companies now use search engine optimization wherein they try to increase the traffic by making the website more relevant to the search words of the users. The more relevant the website and its contents, the better chance it will get for it to be on the first page. However, the rules and the trends are changing as you even read it so if you are into search engine optimization better keep your eyes open as anything is susceptible to change. Learn more about the power of reviews by clicking here.


  1. Cost Efficiency


Having a website is far more cost efficient than having an actual store. There are exceptions like offering service which needs the customer themselves for them to avail of it, but generally products can be sold these days through the net. Maintaining a website is more affordable than building an actual store. Additionally, it would take more time and effort for the organization or company which translates to spending. There are also issues of location, security, sanitation, electricity and others. Websites generally need a good internet connection, a device (preferably a computer), and a human or AI to maintain it. Interested in marketing AI? Learn more about it by visiting this site: https://www.emarsys.com/en/resources/blog/artificial-intelligence-marketing-solutions/.


  1. Easier Marketing


As everyone is on the net these days, doing marketing campaigns is easier. Social media sites are very helpful for this, since many are constantly logged in. This can translate to more chances of other people seeing your website or advertisement if it was posted. A website can also tackle everything about your company or organization without even telling the customer to visit your site. You can answer their questions directly on real time and it can provide you proper feedback (if there is any).